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5 best SNES emulators for Android!

Emulators are a valuable portion of Android’s past. Emulators enabled gamers to play their favourite retro names on cellular telephone. It provided hours of entertainment for not much income. Thankfully, there really are always a significant number of quite superior SNES emulators out there to unleash these classics like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Super Nintendo emulators have plateaued a bit. These are not just good, but extremely stable. Here are the best SNES emulators for Android! Do not forget to set it together with a few of those very best blue tooth controllers as well! Or double up on the nostalgia with a blue tooth control that looks like the old SNES controllers.

ClassicBoy is one of those amazing older emulators. It’s not seen an update since 2014 so we don’t recommend that one unless the other ones on this list don’t get the job done for you. This is just a combo emulator with PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Advance, SNES, and a couple of others. The SNES support is quite fine and everything seemed to perform very well in our testing. Some settings get yourself a little glitchy so we’re uncertain just how long this one will stay viable. Whatever the case, try out one other 4 emulators on the list first and use this one as a last resource. great rom pack snes9x emulator ‘s fine, it’s simply older.


Price: Free / upward to $4.49

John NESS is a SNES and NES emulator in John Emulators. This replaces the highly popular John SNES along with John NES programs. The good thing is the fact that it works unbelievably well for both the systems. You obtain cheats, good producing quality, higher compatibility, save says, customizable digital controllers, turbo buttons, fast forward and decrease, and sometimes even hardware controller support along side CloudStorage service. Yet, people that already purchased John SNES or even John NES (or both) have to purchase the program another time and that is earning many people mad. In any case, this may be the present winner of their ideal SNES emulators to get Android list. Thankfully, the program is free with ads in the event that you want to go that path.

Snes9x EX+

Price: Free

Snes9x EX+’s existed for a very long time. This has been among the most effective SNES emulators virtually since its release. It’s opensource and it has the basic features you’ll find in most SNES emulators. Including save/load countries, onscreen controls, support for .smc, .sfc, and zip files, and also support for game pads. It looks a little oldschool, however, is effective on pretty much every gadget. It’s also completely free without a in-app purchases. That would make this a gem considering how amazing this programmer’s other emulators are.


Price: Free

SuperRetro16 went by many names. However, it’s always been one of the very well-known SNES emulators. This one boasts cloud-storage support, support for several kinds of controls, and the normal fair like save/load says, fast forward, and much more. In addition, it includes a variety of visual enhancements that attempts to create the games look somewhat smoother. There’s not yet another emulator on this list together with as much features as that one. SuperRetro16 was taken off Google Play from mid-2019 for some form of breach. It’s back now, but some people are mad they need to cover this 2nd time. Bad circumstances aside, it’s still a fantastic emulator.

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